We’re All Going To Die

The title isn’t meant to be shocking but rather a statement of fact. We pass the anniversary of our death every year and don’t know it. As uncomfortable as it is for most of us, let’s take a moment to think about our ending. As the Bob Dylan song says, “the best we can hope… Continue reading We’re All Going To Die


Do people with dementia have hopes and dreams?

Over the past 25 years since the founding of Second Wind Dreams I have learned more than any classroom of dignified, highly educated teachers could ever convey.  As I reflect on the past years, I think the lessons taught by our elders with dementia are some of the most impactful.    Most people think we only… Continue reading Do people with dementia have hopes and dreams?

What’s My Favorite Dream?

It’s hard to believe that on January 15th it will be 25 years of answering that question.  Twenty-five years of care and feeding has gone into taking a concept of fulfilling dreams for our elders along with dedication to dementia training and turning it into an international phenomenon.  Most nonprofits don’t last more than a few years and… Continue reading What’s My Favorite Dream?

Being Thankful For Those With Dementia

By giving people with dementia an unvarnished look and removing our own fears and worry; there is beauty.    Those suffering from dementia have exceptional fortitude as they try to grasp understanding the world around them and staying in the game of life.  They deserve credit for that.  There is longing for connection at any level. It’s beautiful to watch them find ways… Continue reading Being Thankful For Those With Dementia