Make a Dementia Window Mask

  Helpful links to make your own mask: 1. Peel n Stick product 2. To decrease fogging in your mask consider this product.  3. Soft Headbands *If you prefer using a sewing machine, instructions can be found here.  


  When I look back at the 90’s in eldercare, I get a visual picture of chaos. It was the decade when we all realized that if things didn’t change in our field, it was tantamount to the biggest violation of human decency there is. But things were so broken it was hard to figure… Continue reading Awakening

Big Hair Decade

They say that with age comes wisdom. I can’t attest to that but I do think that longevity provides a deep perspective that when imparted can help others. That said; taking some time to look back we can begin to see the picture of eldercare come into focus. How we got where we are today… Continue reading Big Hair Decade

  The name on the outside of the building pictured in this post isn’t photo shopped. Nope, it’s real and it’s not in California. Being in the geriatric field for almost 40 years has given me a bit of perspective on damaging nomenclature. Most in my field have bantered about the words anti-aging and ageism… Continue reading


I was in Vancouver for a TV appearance with the incredible David Suzuki. His Mother has Alzheimer’s disease and he wanted to take the Virtual Dementia Tour so he could experience what his Mother is living with. The morning of the shoot I walked from the hotel to a coffee shop and started talking with… Continue reading Gravity