Judgement Day

It’s strange how caregiving affects us. After I wrote the blog about Dad moving in with us last fall, I began to feel protective of his feelings and now I have become extra sensitive about ensuring his dignity is preserved no matter the price. As a result, I have found myself to be less than… Continue reading Judgement Day

Thanksgiving For the Ages

This story is based on a family I had in counseling. The preparations were underway for our family of 16 to have Thanksgiving Dinner together.  It had been years since we were all together and between running to the airport, changing sheets, setting the tables and pulling out family recipes, my Mother kept wandering through… Continue reading Thanksgiving For the Ages

I had no idea.

Seriously, I thought I had a good handle on understanding the dynamics of dementia and how the syndrome manifests. Hell, I created the Virtual Dementia Tour to help sensitize people to what it’s like to have dementia. My 34 year career has been dedicated to the care and treatment of people with dementia and their… Continue reading I had no idea.


Empathy doesn’t come naturally unless there is a basic understanding of what another person’s life is like. In fact, it’s easiest to have empathy for people our own age who are experiencing many of the same life challenges we are. In fact, we innately understand challenges they face and can come up with ways to… Continue reading Empathy

What Now?

OK, the diagnosis of dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type is made. There ARE things you can do to help you or your loved one. There needs to be a Diet rich in protein given 3 times a day with 2-3 snacks. Stay hydrated. Changes in cognition can happen when people are dehydrated so Cheers!  … Continue reading What Now?